Yacht Charter

As a Coast Yacht Charter customer, you gain access to a fleet of yachts at competitive hourly rates, in all the best yachting locations across the globe. Coast Yacht Charter is a pay-as-you-cruise program, meaning there are no long term commitments and you only pay when you book a cruise. Coast is a different kind of yacht charter company. We specialize in midsize and large yachts that are handpicked for quality and consistency.

What is Bareboat Charter?

According to State and Federal Laws, there are three classes of yacht charter. These types of charter are regulated and heavily enforced by the United States Coast Guard. The different classes vary by the type of boat and take into consideration the way it is designed, the boat’s systems and equipment. Below are the three primary charter classes:

  • 1 to 6 passengers: Uninspected Passenger Vessel Charter - also known as Six pack, UPV, Commercial Charter and Passenger for Hire

  • 1 to 12 guests plus the charterer and crew: Demise Charter - also known as Bareboat Charter and Recreational Charter

  • 14 or more passengers: Inspected Passenger Vessel Charter - also known as COI, Commercial Charter and Passenger for Hire

The majority of Coast Yacht Charters are considered “Bareboat” charters. This type of charter grants you, the charterer, complete control over the vessel and you become the owner of the boat during the term of the charter. Go ahead and tell your friends you own the boat because it’s technically true! Bareboat charter is regulated by the United States Coast Guard and it allows you to bring up to twelve guests plus your captain and crew. By law, the captain and crew must be independently hired by the charterer. Coast will provide you with a list of competent and properly trained captains and crew members who are licensed and drug tested.

  • Charterer is to survey the vessel upon its delivery and return

  • Charterer is given possession of vessel and acts as vessel owner during the charter term. 

  • Charterer has complete command over the vessel and its navigation.

  • Charterer selects and separately hires, at charterer’s expense, a qualified mariner to operate the vessel.

  • Charterer may discharge the crew, for cause, without the permission of the charter company and/or yacht owner.

  • Charterer is responsible for insurance, fuel, port fees, food and beverage - by law these items can’t be included in the charter.

  • Charterer may not have more than 12 guests onboard at any time.

“Booking your Cruise with Coast is a bespoke experience handled directly with our Member Liaisons. Apps are great for many things but only a human can ensure you get the perfect yacht and a safe, legal charter.” -JD

Yacht Membership

Are you interested in saving money and enjoying a yacht for the entire season? Consider Coast Yacht Membership! this program offers you many advantages over pay-as-you-cruise charter: 

  • Save to 20% to 50%

  • Low one-time initiation fee and affordable dues

  • Free from the major financial commitment and hassles of ownership

  • Consistent service aboard high quality yachts

  • Build relationships with your crew and dedicated Member Liaison