The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club by Coast Yachts is the future of yachting and the best alternative to yacht ownership. Yacht ownership is an extreme commitment of both time and money. As a member of The Yacht Club, you enjoy a luxury turn-key yachting experience at a small fraction of what it costs to own a yacht.

The Yacht Club has two membership plans to choose from:

  • Fleet Membership

    • There is a Lifetime Initiation fee of $1,500 that never expires.

    • Members gain access to our membership fleet with no commitments, no spending requirements and no recurring fees.

    • Your membership grants you access to a fleet of yachts, with a la carte member rates 20% below comparable retail charter.

  • 10-Day Yacht Card

    • There is a Lifetime Initiation fee of $2,500 that never expires.

    • Members gain access to a specific yacht for 10 days (time slots) over the entire boating season.

    • There is a simple single payment for access depending on the yacht of your choice.

    • Yacht Card rates are up to 50% below comparable retail charter rates.


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