Our Mission

At Coast, we seek to get the most out of life. Our crew shares this passion with our members and we delight in their happiness. Each day and aboard every yacht, our crew aspires to make it the safest and most enjoyable experience imaginable. Through our passion for the water, we inspire our members to come out of their shells, sea life's beauty, enjoy each moment and MAKE WAVES!

Our Story

Coast Yachts is the first-of-its-kind yacht membership club in the United States. We provide our members a revolutionary and affordable way to enjoy the upside of yacht ownership while free from the downside risk and hassles. This isn't our first regatta. Coast was founded by an aviation expert with 10 years of private jet charter, jet management and fractional jet ownership experience. Since 2010, he has owned and operated boat rental and yacht charter businesses and he's a Credentialed Mariner U.S. Coast Guard Captain, 100-ton Master. The Coast management team, captains and crew are all highly dedicated and experienced professionals who share a passion for perfection.