Yacht Management

Whether you are a Coast member who is thinking about buying a boat or you currently own a boat, the smartest decision you will make is to charter the asset while you're busy doing other things (your significant other will think you're a genius). Coast takes care of all the details, from the transaction to the operation and pays you up to 60% of the revenue. Simply join our Owner's Club and effortlessly start generating revenue. You will have full access to the scheduling calendar to block the days you plan on boating and you can turn off the cash flow when we've reached your goal. In addition, you have full access to the Coast stewards, captains and management team should you need a crew, concierge services, catering, advice on buying or selling, maintenance, boat detailing and any other service. We're your partner and yachting assistant.

Coast vs. Charter Brokerage

Coast is different from charter brokerage, particularly because we manage your yacht by taking care of the tasks that waste your time. Coast will coordinate maintenance, cleaning, storage, repositioning, crewing, insurance and any other task that you choose to delegate. 

Coast charter clients are vetted and often are Coast Members. We have a large member base who return annually and sometimes every week to charter boats. They become familiar with your yacht and treat it as if it were their own. Also, when a boat in our Yacht Membership fleet has a mechanical or other issue, we turn to our Owner's Club fleet first to supply our back up lift. 

Coast vs. Peer-to-Peer Portals

The greatest advantage Coast offers over the peer-to-peer marketplace is that Coast is the operator of the charter and indemnifies you from liability. The peer-to-peer sites are not the operator and they take no responsibility for the crew, the people on your boat, nor the boat itself. In the peer-to-peer model, the boat owner is responsible and accountable for everything other than collecting the payment. Boat owners are also responsible to prep the boat, deal with crew and passengers, clean up after the guests, inspect the boat and fix anything that was broken. You take all of the risk and have to do all of the work! Not at Coast, we take operational control of the vessel and handle ever detail.