Yacht Charter

As a COAST Yacht Charter voyager, you gain access to a fleet of yachts at low hourly rates, fully crewed, in locations across the globe. COAST Yacht Charter is a pay-as-you-cruise program, meaning there are no long term commitments and you only pay when you book a cruise. COAST is a different kind of yacht charter company. We specialize in midsize yachts that are handpicked for quality and consistency. Booking cruises with COAST is simple and easy with our online and mobile booking engine.  

Yacht Charter Membership

As a Yacht Charter Member, you are granted all of the benefits of the COAST Yacht Charter program along with special privileges. 

  • Save up to 40%
  • One-time initiation fee of $1,500
  • No monthly dues and no annual dues
  • Free from commitment, pay only when you cruise
  • Access to Coast's EmptyYachts program - book last minute charters and save
  • Consistency with regard to service and quality of yachts
  • Build relationships with crews and your dedicated Member Liaison
  • Earn points toward Yacht Membership plans