What is Coast Yacht Membership?

Yacht Membership is the future of yachting and the best alternative to yacht ownership. Yacht ownership is an extreme commitment of both time and money. Ownership requires a large cash outlay for entry, monthly mortgage payments, full time crews, expenses for docking, maintenance, cleaning, storage, and insurance as well as significant asset depreciation. With membership, you become a part of a turn-key yachting club that gives you access to a variety of programs, yachts and locations. Membership is turn-key, meaning all of the work is done for you. Coast handles every operational detail, even optional catering and event coordination. Yacht Membership is effortless and it is the smartest way to enjoy a yacht. 

How Does Membership Work?

Joining Coast is easy. First, you decide if you would like to pay-as-you-cruise or pre-purchase.

The pay-as-you-cruise option is our Charter Membership. Once you get signed up you can begin booking any yacht in the fleet right away. You will also begin to receive emails about our EmptyYachts program where you can book up to 50% off as well as invitations to Yacht Mixer parties and more.

The pre-purchase option is our 10-DAY or 6-MONTH Membership. First decide which plan best fits how you would like to use the boat then choose the boat and location where you will spend your time on the water.  Once you are signed up, you will be given a login to our scheduling system and can begin reserving, changing and canceling your cruise times.

Either way you choose to participate, Coast does all the work for you, preparing, fueling, cleaning and crewing the yacht. All you do is invite your friends and show up ready have fun. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks or your member liaison will be happy to arrange everything for you and have it waiting on the boat.